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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Great Utah ShakeOut Earthquake Drill 2018

UVU is participating in the annual state-wide Great Shakeout Earthquake Exercise today at 10:15 am.  In the case of an Earthquake or any other type of emergency, this website would provide additional information as needed from UVU to those who need it.  This is a site hosted off campus and creates redundancy with campus computing resources and websites in the case that they are off-line, destroyed or unavailable.  It also becomes a principle location for these types of communications that people can count on to always work and be the "go to" place.

Remember in the case of a real earthquake to take the protective actions of Duck, Cover, and Hold-on!  Our messaging system will send out a communications by email and by text at 10:20 am.  If you do not receive this communications, please check and test your Opt-in settings at

For more details on the Utah Great Shakeout see

For more details on UVU's safety and emergency preparedness see

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