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Friday, September 15, 2017

Migration is complete - All systems are normal

Migration is complete and all systems are functioning normal.  Report any further issues to it@uvu.edu.

Migration/Outage update

Employee email is now flowing.  Most systems are now working.

Migration/Outage update

Incoming employee email is being delayed current and is not being delivered.

Update - Migration - uvu.edu website is now working

The migration is still in progress but uvu.edu is now working again.  All major systems are now available.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Update on MIgration and Outage

The employee email is up along with UVU Box.  myUVU is working normally.  Still working on the migration and uvu.edu is still down.

Outage update - myUVU issue and Box

myUVU has had some interactions with the menus.  If you are having problems, logging out and logging in again might help.  You can go directly to Canvas at uvu.instructure.com if you are needing to access it and are having problems.  UVU Box is also not available due to an unexpected interaction.  Also UVU Exchange (employee email) is not accessible.

Migration and Outage has started

The uvu.edu website is down and the migration has begun