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Friday, March 6, 2020

UVU’s plan and latest response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Attention: For the latest coronavirus summary, go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

For the latest from UVU on the coronavirus, go to the UVU Safety coronavirus website. For UVU’s full plan, click here.

Dear UVU Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As we shared with you via email on January 30 and February 27, UVU is closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak domestically and internationally. Your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to us, and we want you to know we are prepared and have a plan in place to address the impact of the virus. UVU leaders have successfully navigated this type of situation before with H1N1 and SARS, and we are confident we will do so again with COVID-19.

Here is what we currently know about COVID-19
The virus is slowly spreading in the U.S., and we are monitoring the situation closely. The best way to protect yourself is to be educated and prepared, and that is the purpose of this email,, and future updates.

UVU has a COVID-19 response plan in place
You can find UVU’s COVID-19 response plan at (please bookmark the page), where we will also post timely updates and other helpful information. It is UVU’s official source of COVID-19 and other campus operating conditions. We will also send you updates via UVUNeedtoKnow and the University’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

UVU’s COVID-19 phone line
You may call UVU’s main phone line at 801-863-8888, where operators will help you find answers to your COVID-19 questions. Please review before calling.

University travel update
Pursuant to UVU policy #252, institutional travel to countries under travel restrictions by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at a level 3 is cancelled effective immediately. To date, that includes UVU’s 2020 spring semester China and Italy study abroad programs. Should travel restrictions be put in place for additional international destinations where UVU students and employees are on university business, immediate arrangements will be made for them to return home. UVU requests that any students, faculty, and staff that have traveled to Level 3 countries (as defined by the CDC) self-isolate and practice social distancing upon their return for a minimum of 14 days.

Domestic travel on university business is not currently restricted. However, if a student or employee does not want to travel due to the COVID-19 situation, they may choose to cancel their travel arrangements. If travel arrangements were made with university funds, the UVU department that authorized the travel will manage any cancellation fees or other fees.

More information regarding other domestic and international planned travel programs will be forthcoming as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

UVU’s COVID-19 workgroup and the sources of our information
Pursuant to Gov. Herbert’s and the Utah System of Higher Education’s direction, UVU has established a COVID-19 working group, led by Robin Ebmeyer, our director of Emergency Management/Safety. The working group is monitoring the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis and routinely updates President Tuminez, UVU’s central administration, and state officials. The group also monitors the CDC and U.S. State Department websites and other information sources.

As part of Robin’s responsibilities, she routinely meets with state and local health departments. Additionally, she works in a local hospital emergency room as a registered nurse.

UVU’s COVID-19 plan
UVU has created a four-tier, color-coded, infectious disease response plan that can be accessed at Currently, that website has a green banner at the top of the page, which indicates UVU is at Level 1 and operating under normal conditions. If the situation changes significantly, the level, color, and headline will be updated, and you will receive notifications through email, UVUNeedtoKnow, and social media. Descriptions of the four levels are listed below, and the complete plan can be found at

We have been working diligently on this plan for a long time. Our current information is available on, and you can access UVU’s COVID-19 information phone line at 801-863-8888 should you have more questions.


Astrid S. Tuminez
Utah Valley University

Wayne Vaught
Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs
Utah Valley University

Anne Arendt
Faculty Senate President
Utah Valley University

Color-coded alert levels
Level 1: Green
§  COVID-19, an emerging and novel virus, has been detected around the world, but is not a major threat in Utah.
§  Everyone comes to work, unless sick.
§  All UVU campuses: Normal operations.

Level 2: Yellow
§  COVID-19 continues to spread to many countries, and confirmed cases are in Utah.
§  It is possible that some on campus could have the virus, but no confirmation.
§  There have been a few deaths in Utah.
§  All UVU campuses: Modified operations may occur.

Level 3: Orange
§  COVID-19 is widespread.
§  Hundreds of people have the virus in Utah.
§  Many UVU students, faculty, and staff are sick and staying away from campus.
§  There have been multiple deaths from the virus in Utah.
§  All UVU campuses: Following state and university officials’ directions on closings; classes and meetings online.

Level 4: Red
§  The virus has affected thousands in Utah.
§  The death rate has increased dramatically.
§  Possible deaths of UVU student or faculty or staff member.
§  All UVU campuses: Closed.