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Friday, September 15, 2017

Migration is complete - All systems are normal

Migration is complete and all systems are functioning normal.  Report any further issues to

Migration/Outage update

Employee email is now flowing.  Most systems are now working.

Migration/Outage update

Incoming employee email is being delayed current and is not being delivered.

Update - Migration - website is now working

The migration is still in progress but is now working again.  All major systems are now available.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Update on MIgration and Outage

The employee email is up along with UVU Box.  myUVU is working normally.  Still working on the migration and is still down.

Outage update - myUVU issue and Box

myUVU has had some interactions with the menus.  If you are having problems, logging out and logging in again might help.  You can go directly to Canvas at if you are needing to access it and are having problems.  UVU Box is also not available due to an unexpected interaction.  Also UVU Exchange (employee email) is not accessible.

Migration and Outage has started

The website is down and the migration has begun

UVU Website ( will be down starting at 10:30pm tonight Sept 14th

The UVU website ( will be down tonight starting at 10:30pm during a network migration.

The myUVU portal and other services should not be affected.  The network migration could last until 6:00am Sept 15th but we do not anticipate that the UVU website will be down the entire time.  There are some other minor systems that will also be affected but nothing else major should be affected.  We will post at least hourly updates here during the work until it is completed.

UVU IT Services

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Employee email is back up

Although we still do not know the exact cause of the outage, we have restored the employee email system for those who were not working.  Everything is back up and working but could be slow as the systems catch up.  We are still working on the cause but believe that we have a direction to follow up with in order to determine that.

Email issue for Employees

We are experiencing email issues with the UVU employee email caused by some network issues that started last night.  Currently some people cannot connect to email.  This problem is fairly broad across the system so that even though some can connect, other's cannot but the effect is that email is not reliable for communications right now.  We are working hard on this issue and will provide updates here.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Network is back up

We have successfully brought the network back up as of 7:12pm.  Things should be returning to normal.  We will monitor for instabilities and future problems in case equipment has been damaged but for now we believe that we are back up and running.  Some intermittent issues may be still be seen.  Please contact the IT ServiceDesk if you see problems.  801-863-8888

Air conditioning is restored but network equipment is still off-line

The air conditioning units are working again but the network equipment that failed is still down and being worked on.


We have identified the equipment that has failed and are working on restoring it to service both the air conditioning and the network equipment.  Still no time line for return to service but progress is being made.

Update on Outage

The outage began about 5:30 with intermittent problems which quickly became a general failure of our network and firewall equipment connecting UVU to and from the Internet.  The failure is due to an air-conditioning failure in the CS building room where the equipment is housed.  IT and facilities personnel are working on repairing the issue.  Stay tuned here for updates.
Canvas is accessible through the Canvas mobile app if that app has been used in the recent past for accessing Canvas.

Internet Connection to UVU is down

The Internet Connection to and from UVU is down due to an HVAC issue in the room where the connecting equipment is located.  We are working on restoring the temperature and the connection.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Returning to Normal

Although there are still some issues that we are working on, we are returning to normal operations.  If you are experiencing any problems, please report them to  Canvas was inaccessible from 6:30am to 11:05am Sunday June 18th.  As far as we currently know, there has been no data loss or long term issues.  We thank the IT team, facilities and all others who worked to resolve this!

Update. - most systems up

myUVU is up and most systems are now accessible.  Still working on some systems but most major systems are back online and accessible.

Update - Canvas is available

Canvas is now available at as an alternative link. Working on myUVU.

Update - still some issues

Banner appears to be working and we know of know data loss on that system. Authentication and login systems are still having problems but are our top priority. They should be up in about 30 minutes we believe.  UVU mobile app is working and may be an alternative for accessing some info and systems.


Some damage and data loss has occurred on a few systems and they will take longer to bring on-line because of that.  The sign-on systems for Canvas, Banner and myUVU are among them.  Banner may be done for an extended time to make sure that we have as little issues as possible because of possible data loss.  No Canvas data has been lost.

Employee email is working and many other systems are starting to return to normal.  You may email for any specific questions or issues.

More information

At around 5:30 am this morning a power spike caused our data center cooling to fail and within 30 minutes the data center overheated and systems started shutting down.  The cooling is back on line as of 7:00am and systems are cooling down.  As they are cooled, we are bringing them back up and seeing what damage is done if any.  If there is no damage to systems, then they should be coming back on line within the hour.  Some have already been restored. is now responding.

Outage Update

Cooling in the data center is back on line.  Most systems are still down but is back on-line.   Canvas is accessible through the Canvas mobile app if you have it installed and used it previously.
We will know more about the damage in about 15 - 30 minutes and will have an update then.

Major Outage of UVU Computer Systems

We are experiencing a major outage in the Data Center.  Cooling systems have failed.  Servers are shutting down due to heat.  Many if not most systems are off-line or being pulled off-line.  More details to follow.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Great Utah Shakeout Complete

Utah Valley University has completed the 2017 Great Utah Shakeout exercise. 
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Great Utah ShakeOut Earthquake Drill 2017

A MOCK 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred at 10:15 a.m. this morning. The epicenter was in north Utah County. Classes could have been canceled and staff, faculty and students could be encouraged to leave the campus as quickly as possible. Those who are injured are still being attended to. If students are unable to stay in their apartments, there are a couple of shelters being set up on campus to accommodate them. The locations will be posted on this site shortly.

If you'd like to get your updates via Twitter or RSS, posts from will automatically feed to UVU Emergency on Twitter and the UVU Emergency RSS Feed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Update - Systems have returned to normal

Based on Amazon's update, we believe that all systems have returned to normal.  Please report any new issues to the IT Service Desk at 801-863-8888 or

Update #2

An update from Amazon was just given and is copied below.  Things should start to return to normal within the hour based on this update

From Amazon
Update at 12:52 PM PST: We are seeing recovery for S3 object retrievals, listing and deletions. We continue to work on recovery for adding new objects to S3 and expect to start seeing improved error rates within the hour.

Update on Outage

Amazon is still experiencing slow down and outages but myUVU and other systems requiring authentication from UVU are now able to login.  Canvas is still experiencing issues but seems to be improving.

Amazon Cloud Outage Affecting UVU Systems

Starting around 10:37am Amazon AWS S3 services began to have major problems which affected Canvas (hosted on the Amazon Cloud) and myUVU systems as well.  Since that time most students have not been able to get in or use Canvas to submit assignments or to get class information.  It did not affect every single person but the majority of people.

Amazon is now aware of the root cause of the problem and is working to resolve it but has given no estimated time for repair.

Updates with be provided here and on landing page.